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5" - Flowers


Latex balloon suitable for air or helium filling.

Filled with helium in a closed environment (18° C) float time is approximately 4 hours.

Filled with air in a closed environment (18° C) endurance is approximately 10 days.

When inflating latex balloons with air or helium we recommend inflating until the balloon has a tear drop shape. Be careful not to under-inflate (round in shape) or over-inflate (pear shaped) for maximum flying times. Latex balloons can be sealed by knotting, tying the balloon neck or using our one of our balloon closures.

This balloon is biodegradable.

* The dimensions shown may differ slightly.

Product Details

Product Info
Circumference:41 cm
Volume:1,1 lt
Color/s Available:Assorted
Print Type:All-Around
Product Details
Packaging:100 pieces
Diameter:13 cm - 5 inch


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