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7" - 19cm

7" Chrome
100 pcs -42 %
Brand: Qualatex
Qualatex 7 inch chrome balloons available in 6 different colors. Discover the chrome effect and add style to your decoration!Chrome Balloons™ are made using breakthrough technology..
16.50€ 28.50€
Ex Tax:16.50€
PT/70 Standard Packaged
20 pcs
Latex balloon suitable only for air filling.Filled with air in a closed environment (18° C) endurance is approximately 10 days.When inflating latex balloons with air or h..
Ex Tax:1.13€
7" Standard
100 pcs
Latex balloons with a 7 inch (19cm) diameter available in many pastel colors, perfect to give that little extra to your decoration.Filled with helium in a closed environment (18° C..
Ex Tax:2.75€
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