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Sticks and Cups (XL)

Sticks and Cups (XL)
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  • Packaging: 50 pieces Diameter: Stick= 0.40" (1cm) Cup= 2.4" (6cm) Length: Stick= 27.5" (70cm) Cup= 2.4" (6cm)
  • Model: A087
  • Weight: 4.00kg
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Our new Sticks and Cups XL are designed to support bubble balloons of all sizes, but can also be used for foil or latex.
This product allows you to quickly close and lock all the big mylar balloons from 18 "to 28" and latex up to 24 ".

• The tongue on the neck of each cup allows quick and easy mounting, providing a safer attachment of the balloon!

• The transparent color allows it to adapt to any environment!

• Stick diameter 0.40 "(1 cm)

• Matches perfectly with our "bubble balloons LED lights"

• Allows you to show the product by inflating it with simple air, eliminating the need to recharge the helium in case of leakage.

Product Details

Product Info
Product Details
Packaging:50 pieces
Diameter:Stick= 0.40" (1cm) Cup= 2.4" (6cm)
Length:Stick= 27.5" (70cm) Cup= 2.4" (6cm)


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