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Helium Tanks & Accessories

Brand: Balloon Time
Balloon Time helium tank in it's jumbo version, perfect for inflating lots of balloons both in latex and foil. The new package provides clear instructions for correct use, it is al..
Ex Tax:72.50€
Disposable Helium Tank XL Disposable Helium Tank XL
1 pc Out Of Stock
Thanks to this disposable helium tank preparing your party has never been so simple, easily inflate up to 100 latex or 62 mylar balloons.Included in the package is a revolutionary ..
Ex Tax:121.00€
MaxxiLine disposable Helium gas bottle is suitable for inflating latex or foil ballons with helium gas.NEW! Regulator makes it even easier to inflate your balloons and use the..
Ex Tax:47.00€
Full brass Helium Air Balloon inflator regulator is designed for filling Latex & Mylar Balloons easily. Hand tight cylinder connection requires no wrench.   ..
Ex Tax:31.20€
Economy Standard Tilt Valve Latex Inflator Horizontal one piece with Gauge.   ..
Ex Tax:26.00€
Vertical with Gauge
1 pc Out Of Stock
This latex inflator has a hand tight connection and vertical design which protects the tilt valve from being damaged.   ..
Ex Tax:45.00€
Balloon Inflator for both foil and latex balloons. Rubber tilt valve for latex balloons and an extended length brass push down valve for foil balloons. The foil side also includes ..
Ex Tax:64.40€
Professional valve kit for the easy inflation of balloons, every valve kit is divided in two sides one end allows inflation directly from the tank while the other is equipped with ..
Ex Tax:138.00€
Professional Valve Kit (Latex) Professional Valve Kit (Latex)
1 pc Out Of Stock
Professional valve kit for the inflation of latex balloons, with this tool it is possible to inflate directly from the helium tank or thanks to the extensible gun, up to 3 meters a..
Ex Tax:106.00€
Professional valve kit for the easy inflation of balloons, every valve kit is divided in two sides one intended for latex balloons and the other for foil balloons. Thanks to the ex..
Ex Tax:165.00€
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