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LED Ribbons For Balloons

Cattex LED Ribbons For Balloons
Cattex LED Ribbons For Balloons
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Cattex LED Ribbons For Balloons
Cattex LED Ribbons For Balloons
LED Ribbons For Balloons
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  • Packaging: 1 piece Length: Ribbon: 235cm - LED lights: 90cm
  • Model: A083
  • Weight: 15.30g
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This accessory is a combination between LED lights and a strip of curling ribbon. Available in several different ribbon and LED colors, this product is ideal for easy and colorful balloon decorations.

The weight of the product allows the balloon to stay on the ground, can easily hold a 14 inch helium filled balloon.

The ribbon strip is available in 4 different holographic colors and can be used in several different ways, it can also be removed if you wish to utilize only the LED lights.

The LED lights are available in 5 different color variations and have 3 different speeds to choose from when turned on.

With the balloon attached, the product is more than 1m tall.

Assembled in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill your balloon (MAX 14 inch) with helium gas and attach it through the smaller groove at the end of the LED lights.
  2. Place the ribbon trough the larger groove at the end of the LED lights (make sure that the ribbon sits about halfway through and curl it).
  3. Turn on the LED lights.

* Equipped with on/off switch.

* 3 different LED speeds to choose from.

* Batteries included.

* Balloons not included.

Product Details

Product Info
Color/s Available:Multicolor, Red, Blue, White, Fuchsia
Product Details
Packaging:1 piece
Length:Ribbon: 235cm - LED lights: 90cm


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