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Our balloons are made using 100% natural rubber latex harvested directly from the "rubber tree" (Hevea brasiliensis), this makes latex balloons completely biodegradable! They will usually brake down in 2 years (similar to an oak leaf), this can vary depending on the atmospheric conditions. Under direct sunlight or in humid environments, balloons will start the degradation process automatically, that's why we advise to keep them stored in a dry and dark location.

Even though balloons are biodegradable they can still be harmful for the environment, animals could easily ingest deflated balloons causing serious consequences. As a proud member of EBPC (European Balloon And Party Council), our company's goal is to educate the consumer on how to use balloons in a responsible way. "Don't let go" is one of the initiatives born out of this concept, it talks about not releasing helium filled balloons (read more here). Please make sure to dispose of balloons properly after the party is finished, safely remove any air or helium contained in the balloon and once completely deflated throw it away in a bin.

Unfortunately not everything is biodegradable, as a company that deals with many types of balloons and materials we understand this problem perfectly!

Always consider reusing a product, foil balloons are a perfect example of this concept as they can be reused countless times (see reuse section below). What happens when a product can no longer be reused? Fortunately, recycling is also a valuable option that should always be considered. Both foil and bubble balloons (PVC) can be recycled by disposing them in the plastic recycling bin, they can go through this process several times without any loss in performance allowing them to live countless lives as new products.

Many of our accessories may also be recycled once they can no longer be reused. Things like: helium tanks, professional closures, balloon weights and balloon pumps all have the potential to be reborn as new products through the process of recycling. Why stop there? Our packaging (boxes and bags) are 100% recyclable, perfectly following our firm company standards.

We pride ourselves in constantly raising the bar when it comes to sustainability.

Since 2016 we have invested resources and time into developing an impressive grid of solar panels.

With the power of the sun, we are able to make every aspect of our business clean, renewable, efficient and sustainable.

Check out the following numbers for a better understanding of what we are able to achieve every year.

You can also find a complete guided tour of our solar panel grid here.

Reusing is a simple and convenient method of safeguarding our planet. Many of our products can be reused, this is mostly true for our foil balloons but also for our accessories in general.

Most foil balloons come with a straw used to inflate them, thanks to this handy tool doing the opposite is also possible with a super simple and quick process. Insert the straw inside the self-sealing valve, air (or helium) should start escaping when the seal is opened. Push down on the balloon to speed up the deflating process. When almost empty, fold the balloon on itself (while still having the straw inserted) to release the rest of the gas contained within. After the balloon is completely deflated, fold it and store it in a dark place for better preservation.

Our accessories are the essence of reusability, items like: balloon weights, balloon pumps, balloon closures, arches, stuffing machines, LED lights can easily last you a lifetime! This helps both the environment and also your wallet by removing the necessity to constantly purchase new accessories.

In its natural form, latex is a sticky, milky and white liquid directly harvested from a very special tree. The tree in question is commonly known as the “rubber tree” or Hevea brasiliensis, a south American native tree that secretes latex when its bark is damaged (tapping), the latex is then collected and essentially ready to be used for balloon manufacturing (find out more about this fantastic tree by clicking here).

Our latex balloons are natural and biodegradable, but did you know that they help plant trees? The more balloons are sold in a given year the more latex is required to produce them; latex harvesters need to make up for this new demand by planting more trees.

Latex balloon manufacturing is one of the few industries that is: sustainable, renewable and natural! (read more on the history of balloons by clicking here)

#teamseas is a non-profit initiative started from several different youtubers in order to remove 30.000.000 pounds (13.7 Million Kg) of plastic from: beaches, rivers and oceans by the end of 2021. Every USD donated will amount to 1 less pound (roughly 0.5Kg) of plastic in our waters.

Throughout the entirety of 2022, Cattex balloons joined the fight! For every order completed on our website, we donated part of our profits to this wonderful initiative. Thanks to the orders received, we were able to remove 3.234Kg (7.130 lbs) of plastic from our waters. If you wish to donate even more, you can always visit the website:, from there you can choose the amount to donate and you can also join our team in the effort (Team Cattex).

Learn more about this initiative by visiting the website:
You can also check out the videos published by many youtubers here.

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