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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (22")

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (22")
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  • Packaging: 1 piece Inflated Size: 56cm x 56cm
  • Model: PQ/D1243
  • Weight: 19.00g
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This balloon depicts all of the characters from the famous cartoon, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

You can see all of them by looking on both sides of the balloon: Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto just can't wait to celebrate with you.

Decorated Bubbles from Qualatex® are stretchy plastic balloons with self-sealing valves. Inflate Deco Bubbles with a latex regulator until wrinkles disappear from the seam, and tie tightly (click here for instructions). Bubbles:

 • Never oxidize

• Float with helium and last even longer when air filled

• Are intended for use with a latex regulator

• Feature extended tabs for easy tying in pairsAll Bubble Balloons come packaged with a moisture pack to prevent them from drying out.

Single and Double Bubbles also include pre-attached ribbon.Note: The listed average inflation sizes, lift ability, and gas capacity are conservative averages.

Product Details

Product Info
Lift Ability:9g
Gas Capacity:.024m3
Product Details
Packaging:1 piece
Inflated Size:56cm x 56cm


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