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Big Clear Deco-Bubble (24”)

Big Clear Deco-Bubble (24”)
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  • Stock: 4
  • Packaging: 1 piece Inflated Size: 61cm x 61cm
  • Model: PQ/N1222
  • Weight: 22.40g
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Deco-Bubbles from Qualatex® are made of stretchy plastic that protects and displays latex balloons, preventing oxidation and making them last longer. Great to make Deco Gumballs, Balloon Garlands and Double Bubbles. (click here for instructions).

When double-stuffed with a latex balloon, simply tie the latex balloon (not including the Bubble). Deco Bubbles do not have valves, and are designed for use by balloon professionals.

• Never oxidize
• Float with helium and last even longer when air filled
• Are intended for use with a latex regulator
• Feature extended tabs for easy tying in pairs

All Bubble Balloons come packaged with a moisture pack to prevent them from drying out.Single and Double Bubbles also include pre-attached ribbon.

Note: The listed average inflation sizes, lift ability, and gas capacity are conservative averages.

Product Details

Product Info
Lift Ability:10g
Gas Capacity:.028m3
Product Details
Packaging:1 piece
Inflated Size:61cm x 61cm


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