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Unprinted Bubble Balloons

24 inch "Bubble" balloons available in 7 beautiful chrome colors. Want to leave everyone speechless? Just add these balloons to your decorations!Chrome Bubbles are the hit of the m..
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Pink Bubble (24”) Pink Bubble (24”)
1 pc Out Of Stock
24 inch pink bubble balloons. Thanks to their transparent color they are perfect filled with other balloons,confetti, feathers or stuffed animals.Bubble balloons are the hit of the..
Ex Tax:2.80€
Bubble (24”) Bubble (24”)
1 pc Trendy Bestseller
24 inch "Bubble" balloons that, thanks to the transparent color are perfect to be filled with other balloons or objects such as: confetti, feathers or stuffed animals.Bubble balloo..
Ex Tax:2.80€
Big Clear Deco-Bubble (24”) Big Clear Deco-Bubble (24”)
1 pc Trendy Out Of Stock
Brand: Qualatex
Deco-Bubbles from Qualatex® are made of stretchy plastic that protects and displays latex balloons, preventing oxidation and making them last longer. Great to make Deco Gumballs, B..
Ex Tax:6.30€
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