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Unprinted Bubble Balloons

Chrome Bubble (24”)
1 pc Trendy
24 inch "Bubble" balloons available in 7 beautiful chrome colors. Want to leave everyone speechless? Just add these balloons to your decorations!Chrome Bubbles are the hit of the m..
Ex Tax:2.80€
24 inch pink bubble balloons. Thanks to their transparent color they are perfect filled with other balloons,confetti, feathers or stuffed animals.Bubble balloons are the hit of the..
Ex Tax:2.80€
Bubble (24”) Bubble (24”)
1 pc Bestseller
24 inch "Bubble" balloons that, thanks to the transparent color are perfect to be filled with other balloons or objects such as: confetti, feathers or stuffed animals.Bubble balloo..
Ex Tax:2.80€
Brand: Qualatex
Deco-Bubbles from Qualatex® are made of stretchy plastic that protects and displays latex balloons, preventing oxidation and making them last longer. Great to make Deco Gumballs, B..
Ex Tax:6.30€
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