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Airloonz Balloons - Champagne Glass

Cattex Champagne Glass Shaped Airloonz Balloons
1 pc
Airloonz Balloons - Champagne Glass
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  • Packaging: 1 piece Inflated Size: 41" x 51" (104cm x 129cm)
  • Model: PM/DS936
  • Weight: 144.70g
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51 inch mylar balloons in the shape of a full glass of champagne. When inflated, these products reach 129cm in height. Perfect for weddings or New Year celebrations.

Balloons made with a very resistant polyester material that makes these items, if stored with care, reusable countless times.
They can be inflated only with air, using a pump or an electric inflator (not included in the package).
They are equipped with a self-locking valve that prevents the air introduced from escaping.

Mylar balloons can be recycled.

Note: The inflation measurements listed, as well as the elevation abilities and gas capacities, are rough estimates.

Product Details

Product Info
Lift Ability:N/A
Material:Mylar (foil)
Gas Capacity:N/A
Product Details
Packaging:1 piece
Inflated Size:41" x 51" (104cm x 129cm)


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