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Cattex humble beginnings start in Casalvieri (a small village in the province of Frosinone, Italy). The unofficial company moves its first steps in 1931 as a small balloon craft business, this is the stage of experimentations and the Cattex brand is more of a distant dream rather than a reality. Balloons are composed of 2 sheets of latex hammered together to form a single unit, a long and tedious task that would become obsolete not much later. During the second World War everything stops, a situation that the young company would not recover from until 1964.

1964 marks the official birth of the company, a 2-man business composed only of father and son bringing back the original idea with modern technologies. The company is initially named after our founding father “Natalino Catallo”, and changes in 1982 taking “Benedetto Catallo’s” name (his son).

In 1987, thanks to the increased production and the beginning of large-scale balloon printing, this small company was officially transformed into an industry. Around this time the name Cattex (Catallo – Latex) starts to get commonly used, even though it still wasn’t the official name of the company.

In 1993 machines entirely managed by computers are installed and in the same period the company starts working plastic materials and producing articles for medical use.

In 2001 a new factory was built completely renovating all the production and printing stations. In the same period, thanks to continuous investments, the Cattex brand becomes a known and respected name in the European and world markets.

In 2005 the company finally takes its final name and officially becomes Cattex s.r.l.

In 2016 the Cattex brand begins the customization of products other than latex balloons. For the first time ever, a custom line of foil products perfect for any occasion was made by the Cattex brand. The same year this new line conquers the admiration of thousands of people during the Nuremberg toy fair.

Today Cattex offers the possibility of customizing latex, mylar and PVC balloons with increasingly complex multicolor prints. With a complete catalog of over 4000 products in continuous evolution, the Cattex brand has become a reliable and versatile option for thousands of companies seeking to advertise their brand.

The never-ending search for increasingly advanced production lines and printing techniques, has led Cattex to be one of the leading companies in Europe, making this brand a commonly known name within the balloon market.