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Snowy Buone Feste Balloons


12 inch green balloons with the phrase "buone feste" surrounded by snowman, gingerbread man and snowflakes. The print is visible on the entire surface of the product, perfect for the Christmas period.

The balloons are made of latex and can be inflated with either air or helium.
Filled with helium in a closed environment (18° C) float time is approximately 18 hours.
Filled with air in a closed environment (18° C) float time is approximately 20 days.

When inflating latex balloons with air or helium we recommend inflating until the balloon has a tear drop shape. Be careful not to under-inflate (round shape) or over-inflate (pear shaped) for maximum flying times. Latex balloons can be sealed by tying the balloon neck or using one of our balloon closures.

This balloon is biodegradable.

The packaging is recyclable.

* The dimensions shown may differ slightly.

Product Details

Product Info
Circumference:95 cm
Volume:14,1 lt
Color/s Available:Green
Print Type:All-Around
Product Details
Packaging:100 pieces
Diameter:30 cm - 12 inch