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Linky Scary Bat Balloons (25")

Linky Scary Bat Balloons (25")
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  • Packaging: 1 piece Inflated Size: 63cm x 28cm
  • Model: PM/DF1124
  • Weight: 2.50g
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25" Mylar Balloon shaped like a bat, you can link it with other balloons to create the scariest of decorations!

Balloon made of a polyester material that makes this article very resistant and if kept safe, may be reusable many times.

This balloon is linkable
It can be inflated with helium gas or just air (using a pump). It is also equipped with self-locking valve that prevents the escape of gas (air or helium) once inflated.

Note: The listed average inflation sizes, lift ability, and gas capacity are conservative averages.

Product Details

Product Info
Lift Ability:5g
Gas Capacity:.017m3
Design:2 Sides (same)
Product Details
Packaging:1 piece
Inflated Size:63cm x 28cm


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