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Unicorn Supershape (40")

Unicorn Supershape (40")
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  • Packaging: 1 piece Inflated Size: 85cm x 106cm (33" x 40")
  • Model: PM/DV800
  • Weight: 32.70g
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40" foil balloons shaped like a unicorn, very colorful and beautiful to see they are perfect for any fantasy themed party.

This balloon is made with a polyester material that makes this article very resistant and if kept safe, may be reusable many times.

It can be inflated with helium gas or just air (using a pump). It is also equipped with self-locking valve that prevents the escape of gas once inflated.

In the accessories section, you can find helium disposable cylinders or air pumps.

Mylar balloons can be recycled.

Note: The listed average inflation sizes, lift ability, and gas capacity are conservative averages.

Product Details

Product Info
Lift Ability14.3g
Gas Capacity.043m³
Product Details
Packaging:1 piece
Inflated Size:85cm x 106cm (33" x 40")


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